Care & Maintenace

How to care?


Invidia frames can be adjusted to face of it’s user. The fitting must be done by the optician, and it have to be done with strong heating of the frame (frames have high thermal resistance). Then after made proper adjustment it is good to make the frame cooled (eg using cold water).


Use warm water to clean eyewear. In case of strong dirt you can also use sponge or cloth. If after long time of use the colour of frame has gently faded, the frame should be slightly oiled with parafin oil or something like this.
What should be avoided?

What should be avoided?

Do not try to adjust the the frame without heating – the frame will broke.

Cleaning products

Due to the fact that eyewear are surface-colored, they should not come into contact with alcohol, aggressive chemicals and detergents -this may damage the color of frame.




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